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Children's Hope Chest of Dreams dba FePouLi is a 501(C)3 organization dedicated in changing the lives of young people throughout the South Florida region by using the arts as a springboard for transformation in the classroom and the community at large. Founded in 1995 by Haitian American Ambassador and Artist Patrick "Mecca aka Grimo" Marcelin and Jean H Marcelin, the duo has created Culturally based mentorship programs that target Black and Latin youth in underprivileged communities. Using their Haitian Heritage as a platform to promote pride and their mission as Black male educators to create culturally driven programming to those they serve. With Filmmaker Rachelle Salnave on board, FePouLi’s mission now includes cinematic experiences for the youth and their entire family.

Jean H. Marcelin

Executive Director

Growing up 1st generation Haitian American in NYC, and later in my life working with the youth in and outside of the classrooms. I’ve experienced a disconnect with the curriculum at hand, and instead of complaining about it we created our own cultural programming that would connect with youth from immigrant households(specifically Haiti). FePouLi which translates “To Do For Them” was a product of our collective artistic expressions.

Patrick Mecca Grimo Marcelin

Director of Youth and Community Programming

“I wasn’t born in Ayiti, but Ayiti was born in Me.” Im a Cultural Arts Ambassador, Hip Hop Artist, Teacher, Activist, Co Founder and Program Director of FePouLi: Children’s Hope Chest of Dreams. My love for culture can be seen in everything I do. I do this so that the next generation has will not be embarrassed to say “I am Haitian and I am proud of my culture”.


The Work

Our Programs

FePouLi has been dedicated to creating workshops that embody life skills that help empower the youth through practical conflict resolution strategies using poetry, visual arts such as photography and film. Poetic Lakay has been a very popular monthly event which takes place at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex giving local poets a platform.

The Options

Our Services

We offer educational programs for schools and organizations.

Painting with a Purpose

Grown in Haiti

Grown In Haiti is a grassroots organization that aims to support community empowerment and environmental regeneration in rural communities of Haiti.

Our goal is to increase the capacity for local communities to reach higher levels of sustainability. We seek to support practices that lead to healthier soil, genetically diverse ecosystems and ultimately healthier people. https://www.gofundme.com/f/communitycenterforhaiti



Conflict Resolution/Gang Intervention

Teaching the youth the importance of being leaders and investing in their communities.

Ayiti Was Born in Me

Culturally driven educational workshops highlighting the Haitian culture.

Little Haiti Field Trips

Cultural and educational tours of historically Haitian neighborhoods.

Poetic Lakay

Community poetry night once a month in Little Haiti.

Ayiti Images

Youth and community socially conscious film programming.

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