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FePouLi has been dedicated to creating workshops that embody life skills that help empower the youth through practical conflict resolution strategies using poetry, visual arts such as photography and film. Poetic Lakay has been a very popular monthly event which takes place at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex giving local poets a platform.

Ayiti Was Born in Me

This program aims to increase cultural awareness and diversity via Haitian culture, art, music, history and literature for students in Broward and Miami Dade County. Various artists conduct lectures, musical presentations, art exhibits and storytelling to increase the knowledge about the Haitian culture to Haitian American and non-Haitians students.


Little Haiti Field Trips

By immersing our youth in Our/Haitian culture, an appreciation develops for nuances and differences that add richness and value to the experience. With an emphasis on doing and feeling, in addition to just seeing, our program goal is to create global citizens. Our programs engender love for travel, hunger for learning, and an appreciation of different cultures. We invite you to join the Little Haiti Field Trips family as we explore Little Haiti and discover what it means to be a traveler, not a tourist.


Poetic Lakay

Once a month in Little Haiti we host a culturally driven open MIC for the community which includes presentations of music, poems and dialogue that revolves around concepts ranging from pride, romance, social issues, politics in pursuit of preserving culture.


Ayiti Images Traveling Film Series

A Florida traveling Film Series showcasing documentaries and narrative films about the Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora experience.


Black Lounge Film Series

To revitalize Overtown’s storied history as a thriving destination to experience the most exciting black art and culture, the BLFS stages, monthly film screenings, which brings award-winning films that explore the global black experience and its directors to various art spaces in Overtown. Winners of the 2016 Knight Arts Challenge, the series also stages quarterly, free family friendly outdoor screenings at nearby Gibson Park along with filmmaker speaker series at Culmer Library. Through these three programming branches, The Black Lounge Film Series aims to nurture an appreciation for Black cinema and culture in one of Miami’s most historic neighborhoods.


FePouLi X Artist Institute Haiti

To know that we will be part of the next generation of filmmakers, beat makers, video editors, sound engineers and producers just to say the least, is so exciting.

Join us in our excitement by donating today and spreading the word.

FePouLi is the official fiscal sponsors for the Artists Institute of Haiti which means we will be the American financial arm looking to seek and accept financial contributions on behalf of the institution. We are really excited for this new venture and many more to come.